Red Bull White Cliffs
posted on October, 2015

In the beginning of October I was invited to the most special event I have ever taken part - The Red Bull White Cliffs at the Isle of Wight. In this competition, some of the best Ice climbers from all around the world had to climb the 100 meter chalks cliffs from the beach to the top of the hill as fast as possible. The competition was kicked off on Friday, where every climber had 35 minutes of time to try the route and get used to this particular kind of rock. On Saturday for Qualification, everybody had 2 attempts to climb the lower 30 meters of the route, the faster attempt was counted. The fastest men did about 5.30 minutes while I was the fastest girl with 6.30 minutes. On Sunday it was definitely showtime, all gave really all the power they had to arrive to the top as fast as they could. After seeing the strong Canadian Sarah Hueniken top out in 29 minutes and the South Corean Hanarai Song in 24 minutes, I tried from the beginning to climb a fast rythm I could maintain until the end and finished the route in 21.30 minutes. The first three men finished with an incredible distance of only 3 seconds on a winning time of 16.48 seconds of the UK climber Tim Emmett. Climbing in this unique place, on this special rock, together with good friends from all over the world made this one of the best competitions I have ever participated and winning here for me will be unforgettable.