101 routes of 8a and more
November, 2019

I know climbing is by far not only about grades. But
taking time these days to make a list and reflect
about the routes I climbed, made me realize how far
I have personally gone in those years.
I climbed my first 8a 15 years ago when I was 19. I
remember belaying my friends on hard projects and I
would never have thought that one day I would climb
8c myself! It was a long way of training, working on
weeknesses as well as on my strenghts and always
believing in myself.
Writing down this list also showed me in how many
different places and on how many totally different
rocks I had the chance to climb, to what countries I
travelled and how many special moments I could share
with good friends. For this I will be forever
My list of 101 routes is not only about numbers, but
about memories.

Riflessi, Pizzarra, 8c rp
Nadir, Odyssee, 8b+ rp
Rimorsi di coscienza, Narango, 8b rp
Txabetatarrak, Araotz Mugarri, 8b 2nd go
Treinta anos de locura, La Hermenida Cicera, 8b 2nd
Il baricentro sta nel pacco, Scudo di Ganda, 8b rp
Stato d’animo, Volta di no, 8b 4th try
Galileo, Portiera, 8b 4th try
Peter Pan, Cornalba, 8a+ rp
Totò e Peppino, Capo d’Orso (costa amalfitana), 8a+
2nd go
E luce fù, Palinuro, 8a os
Odissea, Palinuro, 8a os
La rimpariata, Vauzo, 8a 2nd go
Football Fan, Fraguel, 8a os
Tettona, Pian Schiavaneis, 8a rp
Play Buzuki, 8a 2nd go
La noche del mammifero, Villanueva de Valdegovia, 8a
Mamba Mambo, Araotz Korea, 8a 3rd go
Saizan Margolaria, Araotz Mugarri, 8a flash
Diseno natura, Hermida Cicera, 8a 2nd go
P&G, Simplon Dorf, 8a flash
N.N., Malga Ciapela, 8a 2nd go
Tifon, Ottava Meraviglia, 8a 2nd go
…. Riserva (Mallorca) 7c+/8a os
Paraula d’eston, Montgrony, 7c+/8a 2nd go
Gaia, Montgrony, 7c+(ex 8a) 2nd go

Cinque Uve, Narango, 8c rp
Newton, Portiera, 8b rp
Chandragon, Ottava Meraviglia, 8b rp
Anelkysi, Twin Caves-Leonidio, 8a+ 2nd try
Tafanio, Antea, 8a+ 3rd try
Avanti di galera, Padaro, 8a+ 3rd try
Mucho Animo, Ganda, 8a+ rp
Liechtenstein, Chesme Sohrab, Iran, 8a/+ 3rd try
Berntsenbanden Extension, Flatanger, 8a os
Eventyrblanding Extension, Flatanger, 8a os
Ali di mosca, Padaro, 8a flash
Luna 2, Sistema Solare-Sardinia, 8a flash
Eragon, Padaro, 8a flash
Litt pa kanten, Flatanger, 8a 2nd try
Flaggermusmannen, Flatanger, 8a rp
Blue Whale's Dick, Panorama-Leonidio, 8a 2nd try
Alice Springs, Terminal, 8a 2nd try
The walking death, Narango, 8a rp
…. extension, Narango, 8a flash

Silence of the Abyss, Secret Garden-Kalymnos, 8a+
3rd try
Invidia, Spiaggia dell'Aeronauta-Sperlonga 8a os
Lord Fenner, Padaro-Arco, 8a flash
Canne power, Nasolino-Bergamo 8a first try
La danza dei cavalieri, Spiaggia dell'Aeronauta-
Sperlonga 8a 2nd
La mia nuova fidanzata, Spiaggia dell'Aeronauta-
Sperlonga 8a 2nd
Poldo, Braccio di Ferro-Sardegna, 8a 2nd try
Ciccio Sauro, Padaro-Arco, 8a rp
Viaggio Stellari nel porno paese, Padaro-Arco, 8a
3rd try
Petit Tom, Ceuse, 8a rp
Narcissus, Secret Garden-Kalymnos, 8a 2nd try
The Floodgates Secret Garden-Kalymnos,8a 2nd try
Zavara Katranemia, Gerakios-Kalymnos, 8a 2nd try
Fun de Chichunne, Grande Grotta-Kalymnos, 8a 2nd try
Gunthar, Fontanei, 8a rp first ascent
Knock out extension, Tersanas Cave-Krete, 8a 2nd try

Apache, Cornalba, 8a rp
Punto Caramelo, Grande Grotta-Kalymnos, 8a rp
Slavascion, Nibbio-Lecco, 8a rp

Il panettiere, Valle dei mulini, 8b rp
Grande Grimpe, Onore, 8a rp

Magnolia original extension, Fontanei, 8a+ first
Samsare, Misja Pec, 8a 2nd try

Las gallinas que entran por las que salen, Kalymnos,
8a rp

Non mollare, Pian Schiavaneis, 8b+ rp
Helios, Kalymnos, 8a rp
Depende, Valle dei mulini, 8a rp

Roofopoulos, Kalymnos/Telendos, 8a+ 3rd try
Sardonique, Kalymnos Odysse, 8a rp
Pinza time, Rodellar, 8a flash
Les cadres regenerent, Rodellar, 8a 3rd try
Gracias fina, Rodellar, 8a 2nd try

Ousider, Cornalba, 8a+/b rp
Anabolica, Siurana, 8a rp
Fragole, Comano, 8a 3rd try
Road to nowhere, Coltura, 8a 4th try
Punto nero, Madonna della rota, 8a rp

Fuego, Massone, 8a+/b, rp
Egomaniac Kid, La Finestra, 8a rp
Replay, Cornalba, 8a 2nd try
Spigolo magico variante, Rio Gere, 8a 2nd try
Wahl der Qual, Rienztal, 8a, rp

Bauer, Massone, 8a, rp
La cucina dell' inferno, Massone, 7c+/8a, 3rd try
Ikebana, Camerete, 7c+/8a, 4. Versuch
Angelika, Kalymnos, 8a, rp
Carte blanche, Ceuse, 8a, rp
L' ami couette, Ceuse, 8a, rp

Il buono ed il cattivo, Pian Schiavaneis, 8a+, rp
Fanatik, Fennberg, 8a, rp
Danyboy, Kalymnos, 8a, rp
Incantesimo, Covolo, 8a, 5th try
Marmornei Kalymnos, 8a, 5th try
Hydra, Terra Promessa, 8a, rp

Polentin, Pian Schiavaneis, 8a, rp

Supergrimp, Schiavaneis, 8a rp

pics by Martin Riegler, Marco Servalli, Jensen
Walker and Michi